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Refurb Restock — EOS 90D Body Available for the First Time ($1079)

The Canon Direct Store restocked a number of refurbished items, including the EOS 90D — it’s available for the very first time at a price of $1079.00. (There is currently no sale.)

Check out our refurbished stock tracker for a list of all items available after the restock. Refurbished items from the Canon Direct Store come with a 1-year Canon USA warranty.

Top 10 Most Popular Canon Cameras and Lenses of 2020

In a few hours, this unique 2020 year will draw to a close. Let’s hope 2021 is a lot less chaotic than how 2020 turned out. All the best to our CPW readers in 2021!

It’s a CPW tradition to countdown the popular Canon items of the year. We compiled statistics via our street price program as well as through our posted deals (new and refurbished), and we sorted by number of copies purchased. You can compare with 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016’s list.

  1. EOS 1D-X Mark III (Honorable Mention)

    The year has been so long, it’s easy to forget that the EOS 1D-X Mark III was also introduced at the beginning of the year, in January. It barely missed the list, at #11 in sales. Many expect that this was Canon’s last 1-series EF-mount camera, but time will tell.

  2. RF 100-500mm f/4-7.1L IS USM

    Despite all the early supply challenges this unique lens has proven to the most popular of Canon’s 2020 lens releases, and a good-warmup before the rumored RF 100-400mm.


  3. EOS 5D Mark IV

    We said last year that the 5D Mark IV would drop off the list, after two years at #1 and one year at #2. We were wrong! The camera continues to be popular in its fourth full year, grabbing #9 on this year’s list.

  4. EOS 90D

    The EOS 90D was the first crop-sensor body to have made it onto our annual top-10 list, and we’re surprised to see it cling on for yet another year. If the rumors turn out to be true, its position on the list will be replaced by an RF-mount crop-sensor body next year.

  5. EOS RP

    With a stint at $899 for the EOS RP (and $999 when paired with the respectable RF 24-105 STM), the RP has continued to be popular and keeps its position relative to the similarly-classed EOS R.

  6. EOS R

    This camera was #1 last year, the first time a mirrorless product topped our list, a clear sign of Canon imaging’s transformation away from SLRs. We knew its position was only temporary, paving the way for newer mirrorless cameras and products to come. This camera is still a great performer and fills an important niche and price point.

  7. RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM
  8. RF 24-70mm f/2.8L IS USM
  9. RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM

    No surprise, the RF zoom trinity is together on our list! At #5 and #4, respectively, are the RF 15-35mm and RF 24-70mm “twin” lenses, designed with a similar aesthetic, launched on the same day, and with an identical price. They continued to have almost identical sales figures through the year with the RF 24-70mm slightly ahead due to a great end-of-year refurbished deal. The final member of the f/2.8 zoom trinity (and in our opinion the lens most worth upgrading to), the RF 70-200mm, joined them on this year’s list, and pulled ahead to the #3 position with an incredible end-of-year refurbished deal. We expect these mainstays to be on the top 10 lists for years to come. Cameras come and go, but great lenses are forever.

  10. EOS R6
    In any other year, the EOS R6 would have been a #1 camera. Next-generation mirrorless, with 12 fps, 4K60 video, and in-body image stabilization, all at a $2499 introductory price point? This is a very impressive camera and many copies were purchased, but it will forever be overshadowed by the next item on our list.

  11. EOS R5

    Overheating problems? Supply issues? Conspiracy theories? The EOS R5 was definitely the most talked about camera in 2020 — especially with its groundbreaking 8K video (albeit only 20 minutes at a time). Many questioned whether the “overheating issue” was an excuse for a camera deliberately crippled via software. For the first months, with the cameras impossible to find, conspiracy theories abounded about secret recalls and supply issues.

    The explanation was simpler though: this is an astounding camera and everyone wanted it, we’ve seen more interest on this camera than any other item in the last ten years of tracking Canon. In the end Canon pulled through and supplied enough EOS R5 to make it also the best selling item this year (at least amongst our readers!), and the top of our list. Will it stay there in 2021, or does Canon have more in-store for RF mount? An exciting time to be a Canon shooter.

Holiday Street Price Deals: EOS 90D Back In-Stock ($1069)

The EOS 90D is now available again via our street price program, at the special holiday price of $1069.00 from authorized Canon dealers (with a 1-year Canon USA warranty and free shipping). No sales tax is collected. This sold out the first time!

Compare with a regular price of $1199 seen at other authorized Canon dealers.

Almost Sold Out: RF 24-70 ($1999), RF 70-200 ($2399) at Street Price

Our Black Friday street price deals have been very popular — two of our deals are already sold out, and three deals are about to follow. Due to the supply challenges this year, we don’t expect these deals to be restocked before they expire.

These are brand new items from Canon authorized dealers, with a 1-year Canon USA warranty and free shipping.

Limited Stock Left — Last Call

Sold Out

Black Friday Street Price Deals: 6D Mark II, 90D, EF Lenses

Our Black Friday street price sale continues! Our dealers are discounting these EF-mount bodies and lenses, they are all brand new items with a 1-year Canon USA warranty and free shipping.

See our RF-mount camera and lens deals here.

In many cases we have options that can help save you the tax. Quantities are limited.

EOS 90D Back In-Stock ($1099) via Street Price Program

After a lengthy shortage, we’re pleased to have restocked the EOS 90D in our street price program. It’s available at a price of $1099.00 from authorized Canon dealers (with a 1-year Canon USA warranty and free shipping), and no sales tax collected.

Compare with a regular price of $1199 seen at other authorized Canon dealers.

Hot Deals to Backorder at Canon Store (19%-Off Stacking Mistake?)

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