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Canon Price Watch Hot Deals Blog

B&H DealZone: Interfit S1 500Ws TTL Monolight + Remote, $399

Today’s B&H DealZone (one-day deal) features the Interfit S1 500Ws HSS TTL Battery-Powered Monolight for $399.00. This is $600 off the regular price of $999. You also get a free TTL remote. This is a very hot deal as the last time it was featured on DealZone it was $549 — $150 more!

This is a battery powered monolight supporting both HSS and TTL. An internal 4500mAh lithium-ion battery supports up to 350 full-power flashes. It’s controllable wirelessly at distances up to 328′. This deal is today only or until sold out.

Kickstarter: A Revolutionary New Travel Tripod by Peak Design

Peak Design is at it again! They’ve kicked off their 9th Kickstarter campaign and it is already a $1.7m success. Peak Design has designed a new Travel Tripod that is intended to revolutionize the tripod — it folds more compactly to minimize dead space and sets up and takes down faster.

In addition to the compact design, the travel tripod features a quick-attaching compact ball head, deployable center column knob, low-profile cam levers, single ring for total head adjustment, and a standard plate that is Arca Swiss compatible.

The Kickstarter campaign is the best way to save on a Peak Design product — save up to 20% vs. the future retail price, and be among the first to receive the new product. Pledging $289 gets you the aluminium Travel Tripod; $479 gets you the carbon fiber Travel Tripod, but only for a limited time. Check out their Kickstarter campaign today.

Drop: Peak Design Slide v3 $52, SlideLITE v3 $40

Drop (formerly known as Massdrop) is featuring the Peak Design SL-BK-3 Slide Camera Strap and Peak Design SLL-BK-3 SlideLITE Camera Strap for $52.00 and $40.00 respectively, when you add-to-cart. This is a 20% discount from the regular price!

This is an excellent deal on the 3rd version (latest) of this very popular camera carrying accessory. This deal is only a few dollars more than the Kickstarter launch price — a fantastic savings! A limited quantity is available and this drop is only available for the next 6 days. 1800+ purchases have already been made for this item!

Drop is a “group buy” deals site offering discounts on popular items for only a limited time.

B&H DealZone: Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX-II 11-16mm f/2.8 for $329

Today’s B&H DealZone (one-day deal) features the Tokina AT-X 116 PRO DX-II 11-16mm f/2.8 for Canon for $329.00. Save $170 from the regular price of $499.

This is an excellent price for this ultra-wide angle autofocus zoom lens with a fast constant f/2.8 maximum aperture. This lens is designed for digital cameras with APS-C (crop) sensors, and is great for astrophotography on a crop-sensor.

Why the WD 16TB RAID for $169.99 at Amazon is an Amazing Deal

UPDATE: Deal expired.

Amazon has a super-hot deal on the WD My Book Duo 16TB Two-Bay USB 3.0 Type-C RAID Array (2 x 8TB) — it’s now only $169.99, which is an incredible savings from the $600 list price for this enclosure plus two drives.

It is an amazing deal as WD notes very clearly in the product description: “The My Book Duo drive comes with RAID-optimized WD Red drives inside to deliver high-speed, quality storage to rely on.” That’s right, WD is guaranteeing that two 8TB Red drives are inside — drives that currently retail for $240 each. To get two drives for $170 (each $85) is a steal.

This deal is out of stock and available to backorder (with no estimated ship date) from Amazon, but we have no idea when they will turn off the backorder. The maximum order quantity is 3, which would be perfect for building a NAS. You don’t even need to shuck the enclosure — it’s designed so you can easily take the drives out. Backordering for this deal is a no-brainer.

Super Hot: WD My Book Duo 16TB (2 x 8TB) RAID $169.99, Amazon

UPDATE: Deal expired.

If you missed on the 10TB Amazon deal also look at another great Amazon deal — they have the WD My Book Duo 16TB Two-Bay USB 3.0 Type-C RAID Array (2 x 8TB) for only $169.99, which is an incredible price (regularly $550).

This deal is out of stock and available to backorder from Amazon, but just like the previous deal this may disappear quickly as well!

Super Hot: WD 10TB MyBook USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $79.99, Amazon

UPDATE: Deal expired.

Amazon has a super hot deal on the WD 10TB My Book Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive. It’s available now for only $79.99. The item is out-of-stock but you can backorder at this incredible price. This is the lowest price seen yet for this 10TB drive (compare with $250 elsewhere), this deal won’t last long!

Order quantity is limited to 3, by Amazon.