EOS R5 Street Price ($3799): Cameras Shipping, Still Taking Preorders

Canon is reported to have shipped a significant number of EOS R5 last week, and our street price program was no exception — we are processing the largest shipment received yet of the camera. When the dust settles, we will have filled approximately 85% of the street price preorders received to-date, including orders placed as recently as late September.

Assuming future shipments remain the same size and on the same schedule, there will likely be cameras available in our end-of-November shipment. We are taking street price pre-orders at the price of $3799 for this highly coveted camera. No sales tax is collected by the authorized Canon dealer. If you are interested, please use the street price pre-order form to reserve a camera in this and other upcoming shipments.

RF 85mm f/2 Macro In Stock (7 Copies), K&M (Authorized) via Amazon

Authorized Canon USA dealer K&M via Amazon is showing 7 copies available of the RF 85mm F2 Macro IS STM at the price of $629.00. This is slightly more than the pre-order price of $599.

Other major dealers have pushed back their availability date to November 2nd, but K&M’s Amazon listing shows a delivery date of as early as October 29th (depending on your location).

EOS R5 In-Stock at Canon Store: Showing 5 Copies Available

UPDATE: Sold out.

The Canon Direct Store is showing the EOS R5 in-stock (for $3899.00). Unlike other times where it’s glitched showing one copy in-stock, this time it’s showing five copies available, so this is likely real stock.

Readers are reporting that R5 orders from the Canon Direct Store shipped out this week, as well as orders placed at B&H, and also via our CPW street price program.

EOS R6 In-Stock at BuyDig and BuyDig via eBay, $2499

More authorized Canon dealers are now showing stock of the EOS R6 — the latest is BuyDig (and their eBay storefront). They are now showing stock of the EOS R6 at a price of $2499.00.

They’re showing about 18 bodies in-stock (at time of post).

EOS R6 Now “Low Stock” at Adorama, Free Overnight Shipping ($2499)

Adorama and B&H Photo Video restocked their EOS R6 on Tuesday — B&H has since sold out and now Adorama is about to as well. They’re now showing that the item is “Low Stock”. Adorama is including a 1% ($25) reward, and free overnight shipping. You can also save 5% with the Adorama Edge credit card. The price is currently $2499.00.

Most dealers have typically been receiving shipments of this camera on a monthly basis, so the next opportunity to purchase this in-demand camera from B&H/Adorama will likely be at the end of November.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan 12-Months $92.99, Staples

Staples has the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan (12 Month Subscription, 20 GB Storage) for $92.99, when you apply coupon code “32201” in-cart. This is the lowest price that we’ve seen in over 10 months, since December 2019!

You can extend your existing subscriptions by redeeming the purchased download key in your Adobe account.

EOS 5D Mark IV for $2199, from Authorized Canon USA Dealer

There’s a deal available on the EOS 5D Mark IV, brand new, from an authorized Canon USA dealer. The price is $2199.00 — and it’s possible to save the tax on this purchase. Please inquire via the street price form for the 5D Mark IV for more details. The item has a 1-year Canon USA warranty and free shipping.

Compare with a price of $2499 currently seen at other authorized Canon USA dealers.