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  • Authorized Dealers, Unauthorized Dealers, and Grey Market Explained
    Comprehensive explanation of the differences between authorized dealers, unauthorized dealers, and grey market; where unauthorized dealers get their stock, and how it all affects your Canon warranty.
  • CanonPriceWatch’s eBay Dealer Reputation Reports
    At CanonPriceWatch we take the reputation of the stores we list very seriously! About a year ago, we created a tool to analyze the reputation of eBay dealers. This is one of the factors to decide which stores are reputable, and which are not.
  • Protecting Yourself During eBay Transactions
    In short, we think it’s quite safe if you rely on platforms like eBay when buying from an unauthorized dealer as they have some of the best buyer protection around. This post recaps some of the protection available via eBay and gives some tips on how to protect yourself.
  • Warning: Avoid Abe’s of Maine and Other Bait & Switch Retailers
    We often get asked why we never list Abe’s of Maine, or post some of their “great deals”, notably the EOS 6D for $1289. The short answer is, we classify the new Abe’s of Maine as a Bait & Switch store, alongside other notable ones including Ryther Camera, 42nd Street Photo, and Fumfie.

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