Deal Archives: Canon EOS R10 with 18-150mm Lens

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Amazon: EOS R10 + RF-S 18-150mm for $1249.90 (reg. $1379)

The camera has only been out for a few weeks, but Amazon is already discounting the EOS R10 with RF-S 18-150mm Lens — it’s now $1249.90, $130 off the regular price of $1379 seen at other authorized dealers. This is sold by Amazon, not a third party. You can order at this price for August 13th delivery.

EOS R10 Scheduled to Ship on Thursday, July 28th

The EOS R10 is scheduled to start shipping in less than two weeks, on Thursday, July 28th. If the EOS R3 and EOS R7 releases are any indication, supply will be very low of this new camera. Pre-orders are recommended to maximize your chance of receiving this camera early.

EOS R7/R10 Preorder from Canon Store, Availability Dates Given

The EOS R7 and EOS R10 are now available for pre-order from the Canon Direct Store. This is a great choice because the Canon Direct Store is usually one of the first to get stocked with new Canon gear. They’re showing an estimated ship date of June 23rd for the EOS R7 and July 28th for the EOS R10.

Preorders Now Live at Adorama, R7/R10 Kits Available (with Discounts)

Pre-orders for the EOS R7 and EOS R10 are now live at Adorama (in addition to B&H). They’re also now listing kits including the new RF-S lenses: you can save $80 when buying the 18-150mm kit and $170 when buying the 18-45mm kit, vs. buying the lens standalone! The EOS R10 with 18-45mm Lens for $1099.00 is a particularly good deal.