Deal Archives: Canon EF 50mm f/1.2L USM

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Used Canon Restock at KEH: RF and EF Lenses

KEH Camera restocked their used Canon inventory. You can see our KEH Stock Tracker for all the items in-stock. They offer a 180-day warranty and free shipping on orders over $49.

Another Refurb “Restock” — Last Chance to Order at 15%-Off Prices

The Canon Direct Store just “restocked” some refurbished inventory. These probably aren’t really in-stock, but consider this an opportunity to get your order in during this great stacking 15%-off sale, for a future shipment. This is likely the last chance, as the deal ends today.

In other news — readers are starting to receive shipping notices for orders placed earlier in the sale (including the RF lenses that restocked on December 11th and 12th), so it looks like things are finally starting to move!

See our refurb stock tracker for the full list of available items.

Refurb “Restock”: 90D Kits Available for First Time, 80D, RF & EF Glass

The Canon Direct Store just “restocked” some refurbished inventory. It’s likely this is not real stock, given all the challenges and delays other readers are seeing, but consider this as an opportunity to get in during this 15%-off sale (ending tomorrow), and hope your order gets filled at a future date.

The 90D kits are available refurbished for the first time; there are also decent deals on the 80D.

See our refurb stock tracker for the full list of available items.

Canon Store 15%-Off Refurbished Sale — Some Items Still Available

The Canon Direct Store‘s 15%-off refurbished sale has been quite popular, and many items have sold out, but a good number of items are still available. The sale lasts until December 24th, but we expect many items to be sold out before then. See our refurbished stock tracker for the full list of items available.

Refurbished EF Lenses Available in the 15%-Off Refurbished Sale

There are a number of popular refurbished EF lenses available in the Canon Direct Store‘s 15%-off refurbished sale. See our refurbished stock tracker for the full details.

It’s relevant to note that Canon actually raised refurbished lens prices prior to applying this 15%-off sale. Previously, refurbished prices were set at 80% of the new price of the lens. Now, for some lenses, the base refurbished price has been raised by 10% (to 90% of the new price). It’s yet to be seen if these higher base prices are temporary, or here to stay after the conclusion of this sale.

Black Friday Street Price Deals: 6D Mark II, 90D, EF Lenses

Our Black Friday street price sale continues! Our dealers are discounting these EF-mount bodies and lenses, they are all brand new items with a 1-year Canon USA warranty and free shipping.

See our RF-mount camera and lens deals here.

In many cases we have options that can help save you the tax. Quantities are limited.

Hot: Stack 2 Coupons for 19%-Off New or Refurb at Canon Store

Many readers are letting us know about a hot, but possibly unintended discount at the Canon Direct Store: you can stack two coupon codes (XJ49WS7 and L1N5YWT) for a 19% savings (10% each) on new or refurbished Canon items. Many RF lenses, as well as the new pre-order items, are excluded from the sale. There still are many great items available, some of our favorite we list below.

If you’re buying multiple items, each will need to be in a separate transaction as the coupons only work on the most expensive item in your cart. You can check out the refurbished stock tracker with all of the refurb deals.