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Used Canon at B&H, KEH, MPB: R6/R6, RF 15-35, 24-70, 70-200

B&H, KEH, and MPB restocked their used Canon inventory.

Used Canon at B&H: R6, RF 70-200 f/4, 14-35, 24-105L, Adapters

B&H refreshed their used Canon inventory.

Used Canon at B&H: R5C/R5/R6, RF 28-70, 24-70, 85 DS + More

B&H restocked their used Canon inventory, at great prices!

Live Again: EOS R6 + Control Ring Adapter, $1599 at Adorama

Adorama‘s hot “Canon June Deal” is live again: they’re featuring a bundle of the EOS R6 plus a control ring mount adapter for only $1599. This stacks a $599 coupon with the Canon $300 instant savings, for a total discount of $899.

Their site shows a limited number of EOS R6 are in-stock.

Add coupon code “CAJUNEDEAL” at checkout to see the discounted price. Click on “Do you have a gift card or promo code?” link on the checkout page, in the “3. Payment” box.

Live Again: Coupon Savings on EOS R6 and RF Lenses at B&H


B&H‘s hot deals on the EOS R6 and lenses is back — you can apply coupon code “CANONSAVEBIG” in-cart to see the discounted price (or use our links, which have the coupons pre-loaded). The deal has expired at the other deals (Adorama, Amazon) at this time.

Hot Deal is Back: Amazon Stacks 10% Prime Bonus with Canon Coupon

This hot deal is back: Amazon is stacking the coupon deals seen at B&H and Adorama (when you “apply coupon” on the product page) with the Amazon Prime Card Bonus. Not only will Amazon Prime members will get 10% back total on select Canon RF cameras and lenses when putting their purchase on the Amazon Prime credit card, but they’ll also get any coupon savings.

Amazon has also added some new cameras, including the EOS R8, EOS R50 with 18-45mm Lens (Black), and EOS R100 with 18-45mm Kit to the Prime Card 10% Bonus list.

This leads to some super-hot pricing and the lowest seen yet for brand new cameras and lenses from Amazon. Remember to “apply coupon” on the product page to see the savings, where applicable.

All Prices shown are after the 10% Prime Card Bonus.

Used Canon at B&H and Adorama: R6, R7, RF 100-500, Adapters


B&H and Adorama refreshed their inventory of used Canon items at great prices.