Deal Archives: Canon RF 15-35mm f/2.8L IS USM

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Popular Street Prices for RF Lenses, from Authorized Dealers

We continue to have great street prices on RF lenses, from authorized dealers, that are lower than the current prices (even after the latest Canon instant rebates). These prices are for brand new lenses with a 1-year Canon USA warranty and free shipping.

Massive KEH Restock: Discounted RF and EF Lenses, incl. RF 100-500

KEH Camera did a large restock and adjustment of many of their prices, most likely due to the large Canon instant rebate. You can see our KEH Stock Tracker for all the items in-stock. They offer a 180-day warranty and free shipping on orders over $49.

Stack the Canon Instant Rebate with 10% Amazon Prime Card Bonus

On select items from the Canon instant rebate, you can stack a Prime Card Bonus Deal: Amazon Prime members will get 10% back total on select Canon RF cameras and lenses when putting their purchase on the Amazon Prime credit card.

Some of the Prime Card Bonus Deals that stack are:

Unfortunately, some of the previously listed cameras and lenses, including the EOS R3, disappeared from the list after the rebate started. Too bad, because a new EOS R3 for $5039 net would have been amazing!

More Refurb Deals: RF 15-35 ($1799), RF 24-70 ($1979) + More

The Canon Direct Store reduced the price on many popular refurbished cameras and lenses to match the new Canon instant rebate. Check out our refurbished stock tracker for a list of all items available. Refurbished items from the Canon Direct Store come with a 1-year Canon USA warranty.

New Canon Deals: EOS R3 ($5599), EOS R5 ($3499), RF Lenses

Canon USA started some great savings on R-mount mirrorless cameras and lenses. Included in the discount is the EOS R3 (now $5599.00) and the EOS R5 (now $3499.00). These prices are available at Canon USA authorized dealers, such as B&H, Adorama, Amazon and the Canon Direct Store (although some stores may not show the discount until later today).

Street Price Sale: R5 ($3299), R6 ($1949), RF 70-200 ($2399) + More

We just kicked off a great street price sale, with discounts on two popular cameras and three RF lenses. These deals are for brand new items from Canon authorized dealers. Shipping is free, and the items come with a 1-year Canon USA warranty. No sales tax is collected by these dealers.

Used Canon at B&H: EOS R5C, R5, RF 28-70, 15-35, ND Adapters

B&H did yet another large restock of used Canon RF gear, including several popular bodies, lenses, and the rarely seen (used) battery grip and specialty adapters.