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The Best CFexpress Cards for EOS R5: A Real-World Comparison

Long-time CPW follower Tig Tillinghast published a detailed CFexpress card review on Camnostic, it’s a must-read for recent purchasers of the EOS R5. He evaluates multiple cards for performance in many real-world scenarios, as well as price.

We recommend that you read through the article as each card has slight pros and cons, and the best card for you depends on your shooting style. His conclusions are that you can’t go wrong with one of:

What’s most surprising is that the Delkin Devices 512GB CFexpress POWER, the most affordable of the bunch, shows comparable performance. Notably, Delkin also manufactures a 2TB CFexpress card which is 4 times the capacity but only double the price. Thanks to Tig’s positive review, we’re now listing all the Delkin CFexpress cards as we think they deliver tremendous value.

You can see our full CFexpress card listing here, and do check out Tig’s awesome review.

EOS R5 at Adorama Now Showing “Expected to Arrive By October 20th”

For the first time, Adorama is now giving a hard date on the EOS R5 — their preorder page indicates that the camera is expected to arrive by October 20th. We assume this applies to new orders placed today.

We’ve heard that dealers are receiving a shipment of EOS R5 (for existing pre-orders) by the end of the month.

In-Stock: EOS R5 with RF 24-105mm f/4L $4999 at Canon Direct Store


The Canon Direct Store is again showing stock of the EOS R5 with RF 24-105mm f/4L — the price is $4999.00.

EOS R5 and R6 Street Price Pre-Order and Availability Update

We continue to take discounted street price pre-orders on the popular EOS R5 and EOS R6 releases, from authorized dealers with a 1-year Canon USA warranty. No sales tax is collected.

Both the EOS R5 ($3799 street price) and EOS R6 ($2449 street price) are still in a preorder state. Dealers have only filled a fraction of the EOS R5 pre-order list, and we expect it may be multiple shipments (likely multiple months) to get through the list. The EOS R6 list is now very short, so you can pre-order now to (likely) be in the next shipment.

Street price dealers have a very small quantity of the EOS R6 with RF 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS STM in-stock at $2749.00, and available for immediate ship-out. First-come, first-served.

In-Stock: EOS R5 with RF 24-105mm f/4L $4999 at Canon Direct Store

The Canon Direct Store is now showing stock of the EOS R5 with RF 24-105mm f/4L — the price is $4999.00. Only 14 are in-stock, at time of post.

It’s surprising that some have resorted to buying the EOS R5 body-only for $4999 on eBay from grey market dealers. The Canon Direct Store kit for $4999 is obviously the better deal, it’s like getting a free lens at the same price!

Control Ring EF-EOS R Mount Adapters Now In-Stock at Canon Store

The Canon Direct Store has restocked their Canon Control Ring EF-EOS R Mount Adapters — it’s available for $199.99. A limited quantity is available.

This item has been out of stock at all authorized dealers for the last seven weeks (no doubt due to the success of the EOS R5 and R6 cameras). Get yours while the stock lasts!

EOS R5 — Canon Direct Store Has Been Shipping Recent Orders

The EOS R5 continues to be a very coveted camera. If you are looking to buy this camera (but not desperate enough to pay $5399 to a grey market dealer), try your luck with a backorder at the Canon Direct Store. Several readers have reported that EOS R5 backorders placed as recently as Monday have shipped.

We don’t know if this was a special one-off, or this trickle of supply from the Canon Direct Store will continue, but it is worth a shot to place a pre-order and see!

As for other dealers, Amazon is still showing availability (on new orders) of “1 to 2 months”, and it’s been quiet from B&H and Adorama. We’ve been steadily filling street price pre-orders, but it will still be some time before all pre-orders are complete due to the extreme demand for this astounding camera.