Deal Archives: Canon RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM

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RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS In-Stock at Amazon, Adorama ($649)

Amazon and Adorama are now both showing stock of the hard-to-find RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM for $649.00!

In-Stock at Amazon: RF 100-400mm f/5-6.8 IS USM for $649

Amazon is showing some stock of the RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM — nine copies of this popular lens are available for $649.99.

In-Stock: RF 100-400mm at Amazon, RF 16mm at Canon Store

Two dealers are showing stock of new Canon lenses on their release day: Amazon has 11 copies of the RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM in-stock ($649.99), and the Canon Direct Store has four copies available of the RF 16mm f/2.8 STM ($299.00).

Canon Store Preorders Live: EOS R3, RF 100-400mm, RF 16mm

The Canon Direct Store has fixed their preorders, and the EOS R3 is once again available to pre-order, alongside the two RF lenses. The Canon Direct Store is a great place to pre-order for new product releases, as historically they have been quick to fill their pre-orders.

EOS R3, RF 16mm, RF 100-400mm: Announced & Preorders Now!

Canon has finally announced the long-awaited EOS R3, their first professional-grade mirrorless camera with a 24.1mp sensor, supporting up to 30 fps in electronic shutter mode. It’s priced at $5,999.00 and expected to ship starting in November. Canon also announced the RF 16mm f/2.8 STM ($299), RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM ($649) and a host of other accessories. The lenses start shipping in mid-October.

UPDATE: Amazon preorders are now live. They mention a release date of November 30th for the camera and October 14th for the lenses.

EOS R3 Announcement & Preorders Will Start at 6 AM ET Tuesday

Set your alarm clocks. The EOS R3, along with two new RF lenses, will be announced 6 AM ET on Tuesday morning. Canon Europe is scheduling livestreams for 12 Central Europe time, which translates to an early morning for us in North America: 6 AM ET, and 3 AM PT. We’re expecting that pre-orders will be open at that time at B&H and Adorama, with Amazon and the Canon Store likely to follow closely after.

Getting Ready for Preorders of the EOS R3: Which Stores & Other Tips

The hotly anticipated EOS R3 and two new RF lenses will be announced on Tuesday, September 14th. Given all of the shortages and supply issues, we’re expecting demand to exceed supply, and pre-ordering early will be key if you want to receive these items any time soon.

The question we’re often asked is “which store should I pre-order at?”. The answer: it depends.

  • If you want your camera first: the Canon Direct Store.

    The Canon Direct Store has won the last few pre-order races — for the EOS R5 and R6 launches, the store completed all their pre-orders quickly and were the first dealer to show stock. For many items, the Canon store has been restocked on a faster cadence than their authorized dealer network. The usually offer free overnight shipping with pre-orders, but do collect tax on purchases to most states.

  • If you want to save the tax: B&H with PayBoo.

    If you want to save the sales tax, B&H’s PayBoo card is one of the best deals around. For most states, they’ll instantly refund the sales tax amount when you put the purchase on their store credit card. The application process can take a day, so be sure to apply for the card in advance and ensure your credit limit is large enough for the rumored $6000 camera.

  • Other great ways to save: Adorama or Amazon.

    Both Adorama and Amazon will get large allotments of the new camera (just like B&H), and they offer credit cards that give 5% additional savings — great if your state has a low sales tax rate or if you are tax exempt.

  • Don’t forget your local camera store!

    Recently, Canon has made an effort to ensure that the smaller, local camera stores are well-stocked for new products. Being on your local store’s list for the pre-order is not a bad idea as they’ll likely give you more visibility as to your position on the list. You can likely even “informally” pre-order with smaller stores and get on their list prior to the product’s official announcement.

As always, you can cancel pre-orders at any time (before they ship), so a great strategy is to order at multiple stores as soon as they go live. Canon has typically launched products at midnight EST/EDT. Don’t use PayPal Checkout or other 3rd-party checkouts, as with these you can be charged in full immediately (rather than only when your order ships). We’ll post the pre-order links as early as we can, and continue to work on street price options. Please add the EOS R3 to your watchlist to received the latest updates about this camera.