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In-Stock: RF 600mm, 800mm, Extenders 1.4/2.0, WFT-R10, LP-E6NH

Dealers are now showing stock of some of thew newly launched lenses, extenders, and EOS R5 accessories this morning. Although it has started shipping to pre-order customers, the EOS R5 is not in decent enough supply to be in-stock, as expected. The BG-R10 Battery Grip is also in short supply.

Amazon Pre-Orders Available for EOS R5, R6, and Lenses

The Amazon pre-order links for the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6, along with several of the lenses (but not all), are now active. Check back to this post for the latest as we find more pre-order links.

EOS R5 ($3899), EOS R6 ($2499) Announced, Pre-Orders Available

It’s finally here! The EOS R5 and EOS R6 are finally announced!

The EOS R5 is a 45MP mirrorless capable of 8K video recording. The EOS R6 is 20MP with dual SD-card slots. Both feature the DIGIC X image processor as well as Canon’s first in-body image stabilization (IBIS).

We expect initial allocation/supply of this camera to be very low, with availability in July (R5) and August (R6). If you want this camera early, you should pre-order it immediately to reserve a camera (you can always cancel it later).

Accessories and kits for the new cameras are also available:

A number of nice RF lenses, and a new printer are also announced.

Predicted Pre-Order Links and Prices for New R5, R6, and Lenses

There’s only twelve hours left before one of Canon’s biggest product launches — we’ve never seen this much demand for a new product, based on the volume of pre-pre-order requests.

We expect initial allocation/supply of this camera to be very low, with the EOS R5 initially shipping at the end of July and the EOS R6 by end of August. If you want this camera early, you should pre-order it at 8 AM ET tomorrow. Remember, it’s very easy to cancel a pre-order, but difficult to put yourself higher on a pre-order list later.

To give you a head-start on the pre-order frenzy, we’ve predicting that the below links will be where pre-orders will be active as of Thursday, 8 AM ET, along with the expected pricing. We’ll keep this up-to-date, as things change and more becomes known.

We also don’t have a street price firmed up yet, but hope to have one soon. Even if you’re waiting for a street price pre-order, add the EOS R5 or EOS R6 to your watchlist. We recommend placing a regular pre-order above as a backup plan. Good luck, and see you tomorrow at 8 AM ET for the big launch!

Expected Thursday: 4 RF Lenses, 2 Extenders, R5/R6 Grips, Battery

Alongside the much-hyped EOS R5 and EOS R6 we expect to see several RF lenses, extenders, and EOS accessories launched on Thursday at 8 AM ET — less than 48 hours away! We’ve now added all these items to our CPW price tracker. You can add them to your personal watchlist to receive updates on these new items.

New RF Lenses and RF Extenders

Battery Grips and Batteries for EOS R5 / R6