Deal Archives: Delkin Devices 512GB CFexpress POWER

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B&H DealZone: Delkin 512GB CFexpress $170, Oben Tripods, WD

Today’s B&H DealZone (one-day deal) features a number of great deals, including a stellar price on the Delkin Devices 512GB CFexpress POWER (only $169.99), Oben Tripods, and WD MyBook drives. You may need to add to cart to see the discounted prices.

The Best CFexpress Cards for EOS R5: A Real-World Comparison

Long-time CPW follower Tig Tillinghast published a detailed CFexpress card review on Camnostic, it’s a must-read for recent purchasers of the EOS R5. He evaluates multiple cards for performance in many real-world scenarios, as well as price.

We recommend that you read through the article as each card has slight pros and cons, and the best card for you depends on your shooting style. His conclusions are that you can’t go wrong with one of:

What’s most surprising is that the Delkin Devices 512GB CFexpress POWER, the most affordable of the bunch, shows comparable performance. Notably, Delkin also manufactures a 2TB CFexpress card which is 4 times the capacity but only double the price. Thanks to Tig’s positive review, we’re now listing all the Delkin CFexpress cards as we think they deliver tremendous value.

You can see our full CFexpress card listing here, and do check out Tig’s awesome review.