CPW’s Insights on the Canon 2020 Holiday Deal Season

We already predicted a relatively tame 2020 deal season due to on-going supply issues for Canon cameras and lenses, driven in part by the global pandemic. Unfortunately, the year 2020 has added more fuel to this global supply fire, literally: a recent factory-demolishing fire at a Japanese components manufacturer that is reported to supply most major camera makers will likely have impacts on future camera availability.

Our reliable industry sources confirm to us that Canon is amongst those manufacturers impacted, though the extent and scope of that impact is not yet known at this time.

There are currently a few great (but not exceptional) deals on select cameras and lenses, and we expect the rest of the deal season to be similarly dampened. Once the current inventory pipeline of cameras and lenses is sold out, we may be in for a long winter of no supply and no deals. Already for most of 2020, many of the cameras and lenses have been out-of-stock throughout the Canon network, and we don’t see this situation improving any time soon.

Our key recommendation is: take advantage of the few deals that are available now, before stock is sold out. Unfortunately, prices and availability are likely to get worse, not better, for a while.

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