5DayDeal “Photography Bundle” $89, includes Skylum’s Aurora HDR!

The 5DayDeal “The Complete Photography Bundle” is back for the 7th straight year! This is their “classic” bundle of eBooks, videos, and software focused on making you a better photographer. It’s available for only $89 for five days only — the deal expires on October 8th at 3 PM ET, and this bundle will never be offered again!

The headline product in this year’s bundle makes it instantly a great deal: Skylum Aurora HDR 2019, an award-winning advanced HDR photo editor, is included in the bundle (regular price of $99). This is a “lifetime” license (not subscription-based), and is worth more than the bundle itself.

We spent some time watching, reading, and reviewing the rest of the bundle. We list some of the best (in our opinion) items below. While most content is in the basic $89 bundle (10% goes to charity), some of the items listed below are only available at the two additional bonus levels (charity bonus and pro add-on bonus).

  • Many resources for learning how to edit photos. Video guides teach general editing in Lightroom, Elements, and Photoshop. A “Fine Art Photography Masterclass” guides through the art of editing architectural photos; “The Great Abyss” introduces some fascinating polar coordinate techniques. Specialized guides instruct food photography editing in Lightroom, and the creation of astrophotography composites. Individual techniques are covered in-depth, such as “Digital Blending Basics”, and “Mastering Dodging and Burning”.
  • Business guides to help you crack the business of photography. “Pick Price Profit” helps you set appropriate pricing points; “The Business of Retouching” is an essential guide for professional photographers and retouchers.
  • Posing workshops take you step-by-step through this critical process. “The Complete Posing Workshop” covers standard posing extensively, while “Lifestyle Newborn Photography Made Easy” tackles a niche subject quite well.
  • Shooting guides follow a photographer through a particular variant of photography, be it waterfalls (“How To Photograph Waterfalls”), headshots (“The Art Behind the Headshot”), or astrophotography (“Astrophotography: Post Processing The Milky Way”).
  • Introductory material cover photography basics (“Understanding Exposure & Your DSLR”, “Get Camera Confident”, and “The Guide to Shooting in Manual Mode”).
  • 30 GB of Photo Storage, Unlimited Client Galleries, and Mobile Apps for 12 months — when you purchase the option “Pro Add-on” bundle, you receive 12 months of free gallery hosting at CloudSpot.io — a $420 value, which makes the $39 “Pro Add-on” totally worth it!

The Skylum Aurora HDR alone makes a purchase of “The Complete Photography Bundle” worthwhile at $89. As usual, the bundle is still worth purchasing if one or two of the items catch your interest, and perhaps something unexpected in the bundle will inspire you. As before, 10% goes to charities so you are also supporting very worthwhile causes. Check out the bundle before it’s gone!

4 comments on “5DayDeal “Photography Bundle” $89, includes Skylum’s Aurora HDR!

  1. Steve
    October 4, 2019 at 5:05 pm EST

    When getting the Aurora HDR software 2019, I know that it says a lifetime license, but does that mean you can use the 2019 version for life or will you be able to get updates each year eg., 2020, 2021, 2022 etc. of the software at that $89 price for this deal?

    1. CanonPriceWatch
      October 4, 2019 at 5:18 pm EST

      At a minimum it lets you use Aurora HDR 2019 indefinitely. I don’t know how many free updates you’re entitled to.

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