eBay Frenzy: 5D Mark III (Import) for $2559 at GetItDigital

A new eBay Deal Frenzy starts today! GetItDigital via eBay has the Canon EOS 5D Mark III for $2559.99. It’s likely an import.

GetItDigital via eBay is not an authorized dealer. However, they are a reputable unauthorized dealer, the same store as AllNewShop. In the last few frenzies they’ve sold hundreds of 5D Mark IIIs for this price, and we’ve heard very positive reader stories (with issues being rare and resolved expediently).

If you don’t want to read our detailed article here is the summary of what “import model” means:

  1. Import / grey market items were items originally destined to be sold in a different region.
  2. They are manufactured at the same factories as US models, and are physically identical.
  3. Packaging (language on box) may differ from US retail versions.
  4. Although Canon USA has been traditionally lenient in providing warranty service, a Canon USA warranty is not guaranteed. An similar warranty is provided by the store itself.

Compare with $3199 at authorized dealers or $2899 authorized through our street price program. There is currently no Canon mail-in or instant rebate available for this camera.

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One comment on “eBay Frenzy: 5D Mark III (Import) for $2559 at GetItDigital

  1. August 11, 2014 at 12:35 pm EDT

    Oddly this deal expired only 1 hour later.

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