Drobo 15TB (5 x 3TB) 5N 5-Bay NAS Kit

Drobo 15TB (5 x 3TB) 5N 5-Bay NAS Kit

This B&H Kit includes a Drobo 5N 5-Bay NAS Gigabit Ethernet Storage Array and 5 x 3TB Hard Drives providing the necessary storage for small networks. With five carrier-less, tool-less drive bays you can easily hot-swap your drives making it simple to switch out hard drives without powering off the system. This Drobo Storage Array features BeyondRAID technology providing redundant storage technology for enhanced protection, reliability, expandability, and ease-of-use. Each of the hard drives included in this kit features 3TB of storage along with a 6 Gbps Interface allowing for fast access to all of your data stored within this NAS array.

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