Deal Archives: WD 10TB Red Plus 7200 rpm SATA III 3.5″ Internal NAS HDD

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Amazon, B&H: Black Friday Deals on WD Red Pro, Red Plus, Elements

Amazon and B&H are discounting WD Red Pro and Red Plus 7200 rpm SATA III internal hard drives, designed for use in NAS. These are some great prices!

B&H is also discounting WD Elements USB drives, that are shuckable, so the internal drive can be removed. Historically, this internal drive has been a NAS-class drive.

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 25% Off Synology, WD, SanDisk SSDs

For today’s Amazon Deal of the Day, they are featuring up to 25%-off Synology NAS, WD HDDs and SanDisk/Crucial SSDs. Great savings are available, until 3 AM ET (or sold out). B&H has matched many of the deals, if you have the PayBoo card and would like to save the tax.

Amazon Deal of the Day: SanDisk Memories, SSDs, and WD Drives

Amazon has a Deal of the Day with Up to 30% off SanDisk Memories and Drives. A nice selection of memory cards, portable SSDs, and WD Red NAS hard drives are discounted today, while quantities last.

B&H has matched many of the prices (use the PayBoo card to save tax).