WD 18TB Red Pro 7200 rpm SATA III 3.5" Internal NAS HDD (Retail)

WD 18TB Red Pro 7200 rpm SATA III 3.5

Designed with SMB customers in mind, the 18TB Red Pro 7200 rpm SATA III 3.5" Internal NAS HDD from WD is well-suited for medium to large-scale NAS environments with up to sixteen 3.5" drive bays. Engineered to handle increased workloads, this 18TB drive operates using a SATA III 6 Gb/s interface, a 512MB cache, and a rotational speed of 7200 rpm, which all help to ensure uninterrupted data transfers with a sustained rate of up to 272 MB/s. This drive also features high levels of reliability, with 600,000 load/unload cycles, 10 in 1014 non-recoverable read errors per bits read, a workload rate of 300TB per years, dual-plane balance control technology, and 1 million hours MTBF for 8-16 bay NAS systems.

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