Deal Archives: G-Technology 16TB G-SPEED Studio Thunderbolt 2 External Storage System

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B&H: MEGA DealZone (Best of DealZone 2017), 2 Days Only

Today’s B&H DealZone is special — they’re featuring many of the popular DealZone deals from 2017. If you missed something during the year, this is your chance! They’re running this special only for 2 days, and there are many great deals. Check out the full list at B&H DealZone. Here are some of our favorite deals (by no means an exhaustive list.)

Check out the full list at B&H DealZone.

B&H DealZone: 16TB G-Technology Thunderbolt 2 Storage for $999

Today’s B&H Photo Video DealZone (one-day deal) is the G-Technology 16TB Thunderbolt 2 External Storage System for $999.95. This is $700 savings from a regular price of $1699.95.

This is a great turnkey storage system featuring data redundancy. The storage system has four removable 4 TB enterprise drives and can be configured as RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10. The default configuration is RAID 5, which provides 12 TB of redundant storage (protected from a drive failure). Two Thunderbolt 2 ports support data transfer speeds up to 20 Gb/s. This unit is preformatted for Mac and compatible with Windows via reformatting.