5DayDeal “Photography Bundle” $89, Includes SmugMug Portfolio!

The 5DayDeal “The Complete Photography Bundle” is back for the 8th straight year! This is their “classic” bundle of eBooks, videos, and software focused on making you a better photographer. It’s available for only $89 for five days only — the deal expires on October 20th at 3 PM ET, and this bundle will never be offered again!

One of the best values in this year’s bundle is a SmugMug “Portfolio” Account for 6 months (for new customers only). This is a top-tier account ($162 value) at SmugMug that makes it easy to sell your photos, providing a turnkey e-commerce storefront — one photo sale could pay for the bundle itself!

We spent some time watching, reading, and reviewing the rest of the bundle. We list a summary of the bundle below. While most content is in the basic $89 bundle (10% goes to charity), some items listed below are available at the two additional bonus levels (charity bonus and pro add-on bonus).

  • This year, the focus is on light! Seven different courses feature photographers talking through how they use light, ranging from studio portraiture in “Dramatic Single Light Portraiture” or “Illuminating The Face: Lighting for Headshots and Portraits”, to leveraging natural light with “Magic With Any Light”. We particularly enjoyed “How To Photograph Landscapes In All Lighting Conditions” which showed the subtle art of capturing with available natural light.
  • Many resources for how to edit photos, as usual! There is a range of guides on Photoshop and Lightroom, ranging from the basic, to advanced techniques (such as time-blending, automation, sky replacement, or editing of night shots). It’s always a treat to watch other photographers edit, as you learn many techniques to apply to your own photos. This is also supported by thousands of presets and LUTs that can be used to speed-up your time in post.
  • Shooting guides follow a photographer through a particular variant of photography — some of the best include “Street Photography Masterclass”, “Creative Baby Wrapping”, and “The Astro Timelapse Guide & The Ultimate Timelapse Guide”.
  • Business guides to help you crack the business of photography. “Pricing Your Photography Workshop” helps you set appropriate pricing points; “Office Organization for Photographers” sets you up with an organized workflow.
  • Introductory material covers photography basics (“Scott Kelby’s Complete Bundle”, “Photoshop Basics for Photographers”, “Composition Secrets”, and the “Beginners Guide to Manual Mode Course”) geared towards the beginner.

As usual, the “The Complete Photography Bundle” is great value at $89. We think it’s worth a purchase if one or two of the items catch your interest, and perhaps something unexpected in the bundle will inspire you. As before, 10% goes to charities so you are also supporting very worthwhile causes. Check out the bundle before it’s gone!

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