Kickstarter: MindShift Gear Rotation Backpacks, Early Bird from $199

Think Tank Photo launched a new MindShift Gear release on Kickstarter — they’ve announced the new Rotation Backpack Series. This is a super-slick design where the main camera compartment rotates out of the backpack body, operating as a belt pack. This enables rapid access to your camera without having to take your backpack off or “sling” it around to the front.

The backpack comes in three sizes (22L, 45L, and 50L+), and boasts a lengthy list of top-notch features as you would expect from Think Tank Photo.

For the first 48 hours only, you can pledge for early-bird rewards on this bag. A pledge of $199 gets you the 22L bag at a price of $90 off the expected retail price, with a bonus phone pouch that is only available from this campaign.

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