Sigma Art, Sports Lenses “Open Box” from Sigma Authorized Dealer

Milford Photo via eBay, an authorized Sigma USA dealer, is back at it again with their “open box” deals — they have listed a number of lenses for sale via eBay at great discounts. They note on the listing that: “Authorized Sigma Dealer — US Model Lens — US Warranty — OPEN BOX – STORE DEMO UNIT FROM OUR STORE IN MILFORD, CT”.

We’re not sure if these items are actually open box, or just marketed as “open box” to avoid pricing rules. Even if they’re open box, with the significant savings (15% below brand new), and the dealer indicating this comes with a 4-year Sigma USA warranty, this would be a fantastic purchase.

There appears to be one each of the items below, so act fast and don’t miss out.

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