Kickstarter: Versatile and Durable Lumin8 LED Light from $129

Another interesting project seen on Kickstarter is the Lumin8 LED light. Sure, we’ve seen many LED light sticks but what’s impressive about this one is its durability, water resistance, and remote control, all while outputting 1000 lumen with a 95+ CRI.

Their Kickstarter campaign shows videos of their lights getting run over by cars, smashed with hammers, and thrown into buckets of water. We don’t plan on abusing our lights, but it’s good to know they’ll survive an accident. Their wireless remote control looks rather nifty too!

You can pledge $129 towards this campaign to get a special early-bird price with expected delivery of November. So far, nearly 300 backers have pledged over $50,000 towards making this project a reality!

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