Kickstarter: 1 Week Left for Aurora Aperture Adapter Mount Filters

The Aurora Aperture Kickstarter campaign is still going strong — they are featuring new drop-in filters compatible with the Canon RF system, in addition to Sony E and Nikon NTZ mounts. There’s about a week left in their campaign and they’ve already raised over $50,000 from nearly 300 backers.

These Adapter Mount Format (AMF) filter comes in several variants, including UV, various strengths of ND filters, graduated ND (GND) in 3 different strengths, and a light pollution reduction (LPR) filter. They’re clarified in their FAQ that these filters are compatible with both the “basic” EF-RF adapter, as well as the control ring adapter!

Support the project by pledging and you can save 30% or more based on how many filters you order. One filter is $44 (much less than the cost of the Canon ND adapter). Ten filters are $34.80 each, a great savings from the expected retail price of $52. Overall this is fantastic value relative to the cost of the Canon filter adapters that start at $300 each.

Check out their campaign on Kickstarter today!

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