Kickstarter: Aurora Aperture Adapter Mount Filters for EF-RF Adapter

Aurora Aperture has a started a Kickstarter campaign around a very innovative product — they have created a set of drop-in filters that are compatible with the basic Canon EF-RF mount adapter, in addition to Sony E and Nikon NTZ mounts.

Their Adapter Mount Format (AMF) filter comes in several variants, including UV, various strengths of ND filters, graduated ND (GND) in 3 different strengths, and a light pollution reduction (LPR) filter. All are available for Canon EF-RF adapter.

Support the project by pledging and you can save 30% or more based on how many filters you order. One filter is $44 (much less than the cost of the Canon ND adapter). Ten filters are $34.80 each, a great savings from the expected retail price of $52.

Check out their campaign on Kickstarter today!

2 comments on “Kickstarter: Aurora Aperture Adapter Mount Filters for EF-RF Adapter

  1. amos
    July 22, 2019 at 3:15 pm EDT

    my question within the first 10 seconds.. you can’t stack them.. and graduated ND filters needs to be adjusted. No way to adjust the ND filter in the mount.

  2. Aaron
    July 22, 2019 at 5:53 pm EDT

    Why this non stackable filter costs over $50 a piece… it’s ironic that the RF lens can not use these filter because it’s native !

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