Canon Refurbished Sale: 15%-off on EOS M50, M5, M6, and Lenses

Some of the most overlooked items in the Canon Direct Store 15%-off refurbished sale are EOS M cameras and lenses. You also get 15%-off these refurbished items when you use coupon code “FRIEND15”.

Here are the best EOS M items currently on sale, until March 27th:

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One comment on “Canon Refurbished Sale: 15%-off on EOS M50, M5, M6, and Lenses

  1. March 26, 2019 at 8:53 am EST

    If the M50 wasn’t so hard to hold, I wouldn’t mind having one. The AF spread is so much better than any Rebel, even the T7i with the 45pt AF system. It doesn’t go edge to edge, but it’s close enough that it will probably never matter. I dig the touch and drag focus too, and focus peaking is so tight! Just too small for my hands. The 4K sucks, yes, but the other video is pretty good. And it has the flip screen along with a mic jack. Combined with its lightweight and compact design, it’s pretty ideal for vlogger that just wants something that works and is easy to carry. Probably Canon’s first good mirrorless camera. Not super sure about the future of the EF-M line though, since the lenses can’t be adapted to the RF mount.

    If you grab an M50, then be sure to get that 22mm F2 as well. That lens is pretty cool. I would also advise the 11-22mm if you can spare the extra cash. Otherwise, be sure to also pick up an adaptor for the EF and EF-S lenses. I don’t know if the promotion is on right now, but sometimes you can bundle for 50 dollars, otherwise I think it’s 200. Would defeat the purpose of the sale price if you have to pay 200 for that adaptor later. And really, it’s the only way you will have any real lens selection for the M50, since there are almost no EF-M lenses. Even if that line survives a while longer, I don’t know that they will be putting out a lot of lenses for it.

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