Canon Direct Store: Refurbished EOS Rebel T7i + 18-55 STM for $599

The Canon Direct Store is now featuring the refurbished EOS Rebel T7i + 18-55 IS STM for only $599.99.

This is a great deal as this camera + lens combo regularly retails for $799 brand new.

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3 comments on “Canon Direct Store: Refurbished EOS Rebel T7i + 18-55 STM for $599

  1. December 15, 2018 at 12:41 pm EDT

    Wow, what a good deal on a T7i. The Af system on this camera kills all prior models of Rebels; it is the same AF system the 80D uses. Not as good for sports and wildlife as the 80D, but will really give you a lot of options to move towards that kind of shooting. Would be a pretty big upgrade from just about any older model Rebel due to the AF system alone. It also features dual pixel AF for video, which I am sure requires no explanation at this point.

    Refurbs from Canon are a pretty safe bet. They typically are barely used models that were either returns or had some minor issue that was easily repaired or was cosmetic only. The best part is that they have the same 1 year warranty that a new camera comes with, but for a lower price. 600 for a T7i is basically a steal. If the trend this year is the same as last year, we will likely see a lot of good deals in the refurb shop from Canon until the end of the year. Last year they had a 5DmIV for 2200, and an 80D with 18-135mm USM, 10-18mm STM, and 70-300mm IS II for ~1100, 2 of the best refurb deals I have ever seen.

  2. December 15, 2018 at 1:05 pm EDT

    Looks like there are a lot of things on sale in the refurb store, not all are that good of deals once you factor in tax (they collect sales tax). Some others to point out…

    T6i with 18-135mm IS STM for 600 – Probably better to get the T7i, but that has the 18-55mm instead. T7i might sell out though, if so, this is not a bad option.
    77D with 18-135mm nano-USM for 800 – A little more than the T7i deal, but has a much better lens. The 18-135mm by itself can be as much as 400 bucks to bundle with a camera, and the 77D is a more expensive model too. Is mostly the same as the T7i, but has more controls on the outside, similar to the 80D or T6s. For 200 more, you do get a lot more functionality in this setup.
    55-250mm IS STM for 110 – I have been saying this is the best tele you can get for its price, even for up to 1000 USD it is hard to find lenses that can compete. Used these things can go for 150. Even after tax this is a good deal, I might grab one just because!
    70-300mm IS II for 380 – Another good but inexpensive tele. Might be the best sports lens for under a grand, so long as you are in good light. I have started to see the new price on this creep as low as 450 at times, but normally is 500-550. After tax this would be just over 400. Nano-USM is pretty awesome, and this is one of the only lenses that has it, and fundamentally is the biggest advantage it has over the 55-250mm. Very quick focus for sports. Otherwise they have similar pros and cons. If not shooting a lot of outdoor sports, the 55-250mm is probably a better deal for a much lower price. Unless you are on a full frame that is, in which case the 70-300mm might be your best, inexpensive option.

    Some other good deals in there, but they are sold out. Also, the 50mm F1.8 is only a good deal if you are getting it with something else, you will have to pay shipping on it since it is under 100 bucks, and after that and tax you will be paying almost as much as you would to buy one brand new (110 on Amazon is a pretty common price).

  3. Jungwoo Lee
    December 17, 2018 at 8:33 pm EDT

    It’s not even tempting as a brand new…LOL

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