Thanksgiving Week: When Will The Canon Deals Start?

Many readers are asking when the Canon deals will start.

For brand new items, the current round of instant rebates is scheduled to expire on November 17th, with a new round of rebates beginning on November 18th. Expect savings on both cameras and lenses, and some of the best prices of the season. Occasionally, Canon has added extra rebates on select items later during Thanksgiving week, on Thursday or on Black Friday. For grey market, expect to see deals via eBay in the days leading up-to and during the Thanksgiving holiday.

For refurbished items, we historically have seen the refurbished sales start the week before Black Friday (that’s this weekend). The refurbished store has disappointed lately with a notable lack of sales, so we hope they will make up for it with a great Thanksgiving discount. Sign up for a notification at our refurbished stock tracker to get notified when the sale starts.

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One comment on “Thanksgiving Week: When Will The Canon Deals Start?

  1. November 14, 2018 at 10:34 pm EST

    This is definitely the best time to get a new body. There will be lots of deals on them, and typically they are bundled with things to add value. Last year the 5DmkIV was a pretty sweet deal, I am sure we will see some good ones this year too. If you were waiting for the right time then this is likely it.

    The refurb sales last year were pretty good. I picked up a second 80D with 3 lenses for 1100 after tax. 2 of the three lenses came in full retail boxes, and in all the total value was somewhere around 2500 dollars. I recall there being a 5DmkIV for 2200 refurbed too, I would think we will see that again this year, or at least close to it. Looking forward to what happens.

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