KEH: Get 5% or 10% More When Selling Gear This Month, with Coupon

In addition to having great prices on used Canon items, KEH also offers decent amounts when you sell gear to them. Until the end of April, you can get 5% extra in cash or 10% extra in KEH gift card on your KEH quote by using coupon code “SYG04A”.

Although KEH will generally offer less than what you could make in a private sale, the transaction is much easier with the store providing free shipping both ways, and you not having to deal with lowballers, scammers, or other private sale complications.

KEH has a very nice quote system where you can lookup the value of your items given their condition + accessories. If you choose to proceed, you’ll get a prepaid shipping label to send your items in for evaluation. If you don’t agree with the evaluation they’ll send it back, free shipping — no risk to you.

Check it out at KEH’s portal for selling gear.

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