T6 + 18-55 STM + 75-300 + PRO-10 for $549 AR at FocusCamera

Authorized Canon USA dealer Focus Camera has a bundle of the newly released EOS Rebel T6 with 18-55mm STM and 75-300mm Kit and PIXMA PRO-10 for $549.00, after a $350 mail-in rebate. Note this is the more-expensive pigment-based PRO-10 ($699), not the dye-based PRO-100 usually included with these deals. You also get a lot of free extras: filters for both lenses, a memory card, an extra battery, and a mini-tripod.

We’re surprised to see the recently available EOS Rebel T6 in deals so early: compare with a price of $649 for the camera and two lenses only. The Rebel T6 is a slightly upgraded version of the EOS Rebel T5 — the most important additions being WiFi/NFC, a larger LCD screen, and improved image processing. A great starter camera!

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4 comments on “T6 + 18-55 STM + 75-300 + PRO-10 for $549 AR at FocusCamera

  1. Barbara Hamper
    April 3, 2016 at 6:09 pm EDT

    Be careful! I sent my Rebate in, following all instructions and even speaking to several Canon reps, back in January and received a notice that I didn’t send in the originals from the boxes. I sure did. I even sent pictures of the original boxes showing the pieces that were torn off and mailed to them. Sent it certified mail so somebody has the originals. After calling several times, they said they had “copies”. Not true. I have the copies. Sent those in as well. Still nothing. This is April. I say all this to say – Be Careful! Keep copies. Take pictures of the original boxes AND the boxes once you cut off the proof of purchase upc codes. Do not assume you’ll get your rebate just because there is one. You might need to fight for it.

  2. April 4, 2016 at 5:38 am EDT

    Nowhere in the rebate forms does it say the shipping address has to be the same on the rebate application form. But that is exactly why my rebate got denied. After disputing via phone, case gets kicked for review. Called again and was told rebate approved. From Feb 2nd mail in to April 3rd, I am atill waiting.

  3. Avery
    April 4, 2016 at 12:03 pm EDT

    Your comments made me go check my status, and it hasn’t even been marked as being received even though I sent it in 3 weeks ago. Should I be worried and, if so, is there anything to be done?

    1. Barbara Hamper
      April 4, 2016 at 4:21 pm EDT

      1. I would contact the Canon rebate center. 1-800-385-2155
      2. Hope you made copies of all the materials.
      3. If they say they haven’t received the forms, ask for their email address, scan your copies to pdf files and attach to your email.
      4. Take pics of the boxes proving you actually removed the proof of purchase from the box.

      Hope that helps.

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