Canon Lens Mail-in Rebates Expire on August 30th

The Canon Mail-in Rebate on Lenses is currently scheduled to expire on Saturday, August 30th. As of today we haven’t heard of any extension or new rebates on lenses. There are still a few days left, so we’ll post if we hear anything.

As a reminder, there currently is no active mail-in rebate on the 5D Mark III or 6D. We’re hoping for a new mail-in rebate, instant rebate, or price drop after this week, but haven’t heard anything concrete yet.

We always recommend purchasing in the last week of a rebate period. It “locks in” a good low price, and should a new rebate, promotion, or price-drop start, we find that most retailers can accommodate a price adjustment during the return period to get you the lower price (or eligibility for the new rebate).

You have until Friday noon to take advantage of some great street prices that are available:

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    where to get the rebate form?

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