More Details about the New Canon Mail-in Rebate

We’ve been told a few more details about the new Canon mail-in rebate, to begin on Sunday, July 6th, replacing the currently available rebates.

  • 41 lenses with mail-in rebates available.
  • Confirmation that most lenses have had their rebates reduced by $50 or $100, so effectively a price increase.
  • Most current instant rebates have been unfortunately converted to mail-in rebates. This includes a $200 rebate (currently instant) on the EOS 6D.
  • The 5D Mark III will keep its $200 mail-in rebate for four more weeks.
  • The PIXMA PRO printer rebates (which expired on June 30th) will be back. The 5D Mark III is an eligible body once again for getting the $400 combination rebate.

Orders placed on or before July 5th will still be eligible for the current (and larger) mail-in rebates. Orders placed on or after July 6th are only eligible for the new mail-in rebates.

Happy 4th of July!

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