Benro FIF28CIB2 Carbon Fiber iFoto Series 2

Benro FIF28CIB2 Carbon Fiber iFoto Series 2

The FIF28CIB2 Carbon Fiber Transfunctional iFoto Series 2 Tripod Kit from Benro is a 4-section tripod with reverse-folding carbon fiber legs, which fold down to 24.6". Compact and comfortable to carry for short hikes and even long-distance traveling, this 3.9 lb tripod has a load capacity of 31 lb, which is more than suitable to support large format cameras. The tripod can reach a maximum height of 65" for those hard-to-reach shots, and the legs have three varying angles of 23, 55, and 80, which enables the tripod to go a minimum height of 18.3".

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