Canon IS Image Stabilized 18x50 Binocular

Canon IS Image Stabilized 18x50 Binocular

The Canon 18x50 IS Binocular delivers truly outstanding optical performance and a well-stabilized, high-magnification view.Whether upon the water's edge enjoying a boat race or high in a stadium's uppermost deck, the 18x50 IS puts you right in the middle of the action with extreme intimacy.The 18x50 IS binocular's great for big game hunters, spectators of extremely distant sports such as surfing or extreme skiing, or anyone hunkering for incredible pulling power that can actually be enjoyed without the use of a tripod.It is a water resistant design and also has a tripod socket, as extended periods of observation are best enjoyed with some form of support.

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Canon IS Image Stabilized 18x50 Binocular
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