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Canon Refurbished Sale: Rebel T5i $363, G1X, G15, S110, and D20

The Canon Direct Store kicked off a few more discounts on the Rebel T5i and popular PowerShots. This is day 4 of their “12 Days of Deals”. We’re still waiting for a refurbished lens restock — the discount is currently 15%-off refurbished lenses and speedlites, but no stock of either has been seen yet.

This is the new lowest-ever refurbished price for the Rebel T5i at $363.99. Previous low was $419.99.

Cyber Monday at Refurb Store: SL1 $299, SL1 + 18-55 STM $349

The Cyber Monday deals from the Canon Direct Store are now live. The best deals are below:

The SL1 deal is today only, or until sold out. Check out the refurbished stock tracker for the full list.

Canon Refurb Store Sale on 20 Items (60D 18-135 $613, G1 X $467)

The Canon Direct Store started a one-day sale where they’re giving 20% off on 20 refurbished items. The only reasonable deals are the 60D + 18-135 IS kit, G1 X, and speedlites (everything but the 600EX-RT).

On the bright side it does look like they’re kicking off some more sales in the coming days. The Canon Direct Store charges tax to almost all states but ground shipping is currently free.

PowerShots G1 X, D20, and G15 Added to Canon Refurb Store

The Canon Direct Store added several PowerShots to their refurbished store. Now available are the large-sensored G1X, the waterproof D20, and the popular G15, and several ELPH and SX line cameras.

There’s currently a 20%-off refurbished PowerShots sale — it ends today. You can check out what’s available on our refurbished stock tracker.